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Business Loan Calculators

Business Loan Calculators

Calculate the True Cost of Your Loan Offer

As a small business owner, getting a business loan can really help boost your business. However, it's important to know what you're getting involved with before jumping in. Knowing the true cost of capital can help you understand how affordable your loan is. The most important number to understand is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which takes every fee into consideration. 

We've created a few calculators to help you calculate the true cost among different business lenders.



Kabbage Line of Credit Calculators

Kabbage doesn't charge interest but they charge monthly fees, which makes it difficult to understand the exact cost of capital on the line of credit. Kabbage charges higher fees for the first few months of the term and a lower fees for the last months of the term. No interest rates are displayed on their offers. Use the calculators below to calculate the APR on your Kabbage business loan offers or click here to learn more.


OnDeck APR Term Loan Calculators

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the main number you’ll want to look at to understand the true cost of capital. The APR takes every fee into consideration, including the factor rate, interest rate and other fees, and calculates it into a complete annual calculation.

OnDeck provides term loans and lines of credit. The calculators below focus on their term loan financing option. OnDeck requires payments on term loans either weekly or daily. Use the calculators below that to help you determine the APR of each. Click here to learn more.


Swift Capital APR Calculator

Again, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the most important number you’ll need to understand when analyzing the true cost of capital. When receiving a Swift Capital business funding offer, you’ll see percentages described as the “price,” but not the total cost in APR. Use the standard calculators below to help you calculate the true cost of funding with the APR.


Need More Help with Your Loan Offer?

We understand as a small business owner, your time is valuable. We're here to help you understand your loan offers and work the numbers together. Fill out the form and one of our loan specialists will be in touch with you soon.