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Blended Retirement System: Guide to Military Retirement

Blended Retirement System: Guide to Military Retirement

Get a Head Start on Retirement

Get a full description of the Blended Retirement System and insights on fundamental retirement planning. You'll get information on:

  1. A Retirement Marathon
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Employer Plans
  4. Defined Contribution Plans
  5. Retirement, Military Style
  6. Blended Retirement System
  7. Decision Timeline
  8. Estimating Retirement Income
  9. The Mid-Career Challenge
  10. Early Career Options
  11. Spotlight on TSP
  12. Investing Basics
  13. Choosing Investments
  14. Lifecycle Funds
  15. In the Reserves

The "Blended Retirement System: Guide to Military Retirement" was created by Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC). StreetShares is not a certified financial advisor and this shouldn't be intended as financial advice. This guide is meant to be informative. One should always seek advice from a certified financial planner when planning their retirement goals.




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